2012–2013 Season Opener:
Photos and Letters

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The Carmen production was marvelous. The soloist singers, the chorus, and the orchestra performed as one entity — the result was some of the very best musical events we’ve had the pleasure of seeing/hearing.

Your orchestra is amazing. They consistently create beautiful sounds and soft pianos while I always see lots of new faces. I prefer your innovative programs like Moonlight and Nordic Lights, as they were gems. But your Carmen mix was tight and flowed seamlessly. It was intense how we were all suspended and held breathless after the final chord. The silence was a unique experience compared to countless Carmen performances I’ve attended. I’m still humming Carmen.

You make my heart sing. Don’t ever stop sharing your music — it’s the vibration of love, and it’s needed.

The no-nonsense approach to the Overture was a pleasant surprise and effective. The Quintet moved like a torpedo without losing any of the charm and lightness, and the Sextet was intense with so much drive. The musicians, singers, and dancers brought forth another magical experience that I expect from your performances.

Your Carmen production may have been the first ever where I’ve felt energized, instead of feeling exhausted. This was evident how many of us remained after the show to share our joy — on a Monday night. Congratulations!

A delayed thank you for Carmen season kickoff. Once again One World Symphony outperforms our expectations with marvelous soloists, a very fine chorus, and musicians who, as usual, play like angels.

Your placement of the chorus and soloists seems to work much better for achieving the best sound for the Holy Apostle’s Church space. You and Ms. A are quite a team.

Sunday, September 23, 2012
Holy Apostles Church

Monday, September 24, 2012
Holy Apostles Church